After any major storm, roof damage always represents a problem, due to the roof being the most exposed part of your house. Some leaks might be minor and some major, but the important thing is not to ignore them, since they can lead to further damage and higher cost for repair.
What is your best investment in this situation? Roof tarp installation. It’s a fast way to protect your home from further water damage while waiting for the roofing crew. And as you know, that might take months.


Noah’s Tarp team will respond, evaluate and install a temporary roof patch in the course of few hours without any up front cost on your end. We offer emergency roof tarping along the East Coast. From Wilmington, North Carolina, to all affected places in Florida and Georgia.


Seven Essential Tools

  • High-quality woven poly roof tarp
  • Nails (3 1/4 inches long)
  • 2 x 4 wooden planks/boards
  • Utility knife (tarp cutting)
  • Screw gun
  • Safety goggles, hand gloves, ladder
  • Hammer


Roof Tarp Installation Overview

  • Debris Removal

The first step is basically performing  a roof check and starting debris removal to find every single crack, broken panel or dented vent before proceeding with the roof tarp installation.

  • Measuring the damaged area, creating an anchor board

Second thing to do it selecting the right size of the roof tarp, after measuring the damaged area. We use a high quality, thick roof tarp that will prevent additional water damage up to 100 days. After securing the board to the roof it’s time to “sandwich” the tarp. We attach 2 x 4 boards to edges of the roof tarp, under a 90 degree angle to the anchor board. Doing this will securely hold the tarp to the surface and prevent water from entering.

  • Extending top edge of the roof tarp over the ride of the roof

If necessary, we cut the spare tarp from the other end, always leaving about a 4-foot overhang. After that we repeat the procedure from the other side. The following step is wrapping the tarp around the board, pulling it firmly up against the roof. Next, we attach it under the eave with a screw gun. At this point the process is almost done, the only thing left to do is to secure all  the edges.


You can contact Noah’s Tarp by calling 886-990-TARP or submitting a form on our home page. Reach out now and keep the rain out!




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